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C O V I D  S A F E  P L A N


As part of the Australian Federal Government Regulations for the Beauty Industry, Narelle Glossop Hair Makeup is required to implement the mandatory COVID-19 Safe Plan and maintain a client register. If you have an upcoming appointment with me you MUST disclose any of the following:

• Have travelled outside of the Western Australian border ( Interstate or internationally ) in the last 14 days.

• Resides with or have been in contact with someone who is in self isolation/ quarantine or a confirmed case of Covid-19.

• You are not feeling well ( within the last 48hrs ) regardless of how minor the symptoms are, including flu like symptoms, sore throat, cough, fever, loss of smell / taste, shortness of breath.

• If anyone in your household is sick or any of the above mentioned symptoms. (Mobile services)



• Physical distancing is impossible for an artist as we considered close contact ( face to face ), however we will limit as much contact as possible and as much distance as we can.

• All hair and makeup services are to be done one person at a time, therefore guests, family and friends must respect the physical distance rule at this time.

• All Bridal trial appointments scheduled are to be one on one with the artist, only one guest is permitted.



• All workplace and chairs are cleaned and sanitised with a hospital grade cleaner before and after each client.

• All combs and brushes are sanitised and cleaned with anti-bacterial solution.

• All implements such as eyelash curlers, tweezers, spatulas and sharpeners used for makeup services will be cleaned and sanitised with an antibacterial solution after each client.

• Makeup brushes will be packed in multiple sets to ensure that one set is used per client. All used brushes will be washed with soap and water, air dried then sprayed with isopropyl alcohol (70%) before re-use.

• All clients must wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser prior to sitting in makeup chair. Drinks, phones and other belongings are not to be placed on the artist’s workspace.

• Hair and Makeup Artist’s will wash their hands with soap and water immediately prior to attending to the client. Masks are available for artist to wear at both client and Artist’s request.

• Products are not to be exposed or kept open during the services provided. Makeup products will be decanted onto a mixing palette.

• Disposable sponges, mascara and lip wands will be discarded immediately after the service.

• Clients MUST NOT touch the artists tools, items, products or equipment under any circumstances unless directed by the artist.



• All artists ( sub-contractors/ freelancers ) who provide hair and makeup services have completed the “Infection Control Training – COVID 19 provided by the Australian Health department.

• All artist’s will be trained to adhere to strict guidelines of Covid -19 safety procedures provided by the government. To ensure the safety of both clients and artists.

• Procedures, guidelines and safety training will be assessed monthly to ensure policies are current and in compliance with the Government and Health Department regulations. Artists reserve the right to refuse service to any and all clients who refuse to adhere to the above mandatory conditions of service. A refund is not applicable under any circumstance if service is refused due to a breach of the conditions of service or the Artist feels at risk of infection. Artists will take all possible precautions and uphold strict hygiene procedures to avoid and limit contamination and spread of infection. While all care is taken, no responsibility is accepted.

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